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Meat and Milk Prices to be Set by Producers Now

Meat and Milk Prices to be Set by Producers Now.

In a groundbreaking move to revitalize the goat meat and milk industry, the Pakistani government has relinquished control over price determination, handing over the reins to farmers and producers.

This paradigm shift marks a bold step towards fostering a competitive market landscape, promising to translate into lower prices for consumers.

The rationale behind this policy lies in the belief that entrusting farmers and producers with greater autonomy over pricing will incentivize them to ramp up production.

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With the prospect of enhanced profits dangling before them, producers are bound to channel their energies into maximizing output, ensuring a steady supply of goat meat and milk.

This policy also carries the potential to uplift the lives of impoverished cattle rearers, who constitute a staggering 90% of the industry. By empowering them to set their own prices, the government aims to bridge the inequity gap and ensure that these producers receive a fairer share of the profits, fostering economic empowerment and improving their livelihoods.

While recognizing the interplay between goat meat and milk prices and those of chicken and fish, the government remains confident that market forces will prevail.

By relinquishing control over price setting, the government believes it can create a level playing field, ensuring that goat meat and milk remain accessible and affordable for consumers.

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This policy shift signals a progressive approach towards fostering market-driven solutions, empowering farmers and producers, and ensuring a sustainable, equitable, and affordable supply of goat meat and milk for Pakistani consumers.

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