You are currently viewing Blast Near Election Commission’s Karachi Office

Blast Near Election Commission’s Karachi Office

Blast Near Election Commission’s Karachi Office.

A blast near the Provincial Election Commission office in Karachi on Friday has raised concerns, prompting a swift response from law enforcement authorities.

According to SSP South Sajid Saduzai, the explosives were placed inside a bag left on the side of a footpath, but fortunately, the bomb did not cause any significant damage.

SSP Saduzai explained that a young man cleaning a car noticed the suspicious bag and moved it to the curb. After a while, there was a minor explosion.

Despite the materials being assembled from a shopper, the explosion resulted in minimal impact, causing neither casualties nor substantial damage.

CCTV footage from the vicinity is currently under examination to uncover more details about the incident.

Expressing concern, Saduzai speculated that the blast might be part of a broader conspiracy aimed at instilling fear and chaos in the region.

As a precautionary measure, the Bomb Disposal Squad (BDS) has been called to the scene, highlighting the seriousness of the situation and the persistent security challenges faced by the city.

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Law enforcement agencies are actively investigating the incident to identify any potential threats and ensure the safety and security of the public.

The incident emphasizes the need for enhanced vigilance and security measures, particularly with upcoming elections on the horizon.

Authorities are committed to addressing these challenges to maintain peace and stability in the city.

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