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Mumbai on High Alert after Blast Threat Call

Mumbai on High Alert after Blast Threat Call.

New Year’s Eve Jitters in Mumbai: Anonymous threat call sparks city-wide searches

Fear overshadowed festivity in Mumbai on New Year’s Eve after police received an anonymous threat call warning of “serial blasts” in the city.

Prompted by the call, officers conducted extensive searches throughout prominent public places and installations across the port metropolis.

The unidentified caller, whose message sent citywide security measures into overdrive, vanished after delivering the unsettling warning.

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This incident cast a shadow of tension over the New Year’s celebrations, highlighting the vigilance required to maintain safety in densely populated urban centers.

Mumbai Breathes a Sigh of Relief, but Vigilance Remains High After Threat Call:

Despite widespread searches, Mumbai authorities found no explosives or suspicious items after an anonymous New Year’s Eve threat call. However, the city remains on high alert, with heightened security measures in place.

Key points:

  • Over 15,000 police personnel, including reserve and quick response teams, are deployed across the city.
  • Traffic police are focused on smooth flow and preventing accidents, including drunk driving.
  • 5,000 CCTV cameras monitor key locations and junctions.
  • 121 checkpoints at crucial points and popular areas like beaches will have a heavy police presence.

While the immediate threat appears contained, heightened awareness and robust security measures will continue to ensure a safe and secure New Year’s celebration in Mumbai.

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