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Karachi to Receive 30 New Buses on Dec 31st

Karachi to Receive 30 New Buses on Dec 31st enhancing the transport facilities for people of Karachi.

Karachi’s Commute Gets a Boost as 30 New Buses Hit the Streets by December 31!

Good news for Karachi commuters! 30 new buses and 7 snorkels, stuck in bureaucratic limbo for months, are finally hitting the streets by December 31st.

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Here’s what’s speeding up the process:

  • Green light from top brass: Caretaker Chief Minister Justice Maqbool Baqar gave the thumbs-up, clearing hurdles and getting funds released.
  • Smooth roads ahead: Chief Minister also ordered urgent road repairs to make the buses’ journey pleasant.
  • Financial fuel: Sindh Accountant General unlocked funds for these Chinese-imported vehicles, boosting the People’s Bus Service fleet.

What this means for Karachi:

  • More buses, less hassle: More efficient and comfortable public transport for you!
  • Reduced load: Existing systems get some breathing room, making commutes smoother.
  • Positive shift: This move signals a commitment to improving Karachi’s public transportation landscape.

Get ready, Karachi! Your commutes are about to get a much-needed upgrade!

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