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Apply Now for Khud Mukhtar Loan

Apply Now for Khud Mukhtar Loan offering up to PKR 72,000.

Break Free from Poverty, Build Your Future: Khud Mukhtar Program Empowers You!

Struggling to make ends meet? Khud Mukhtar, a Punjab government initiative, is here to offer a helping hand.

This program, backed by a $30 million investment, equips low-income families with skills, resources, and funding to break free from poverty and build a brighter future.

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What Khud Mukhtar Offers:

  • Education and Skill Training: Gain knowledge and expertise to land your dream job or launch your own business.
  • Micro-Finance: Access loan amounts up to Rs. 72,000 to get your business up and running or invest in your education.
  • Fund Transfers: Receive financial support to ease everyday burdens and focus on creating a better tomorrow.

Benefits for You:

  • Reduced Unemployment: Gain the skills and resources to secure sustainable employment.
  • Economic Independence: Become your own boss, build your business, and achieve financial stability.
  • Prosperity for Youth: Equip younger generations with the tools to navigate the job market and thrive.

Join the Khud Mukhtar movement and become your own success story!

Khud Mukhtar: Your Step Up to Success and Independence

Imagine: Breaking free from financial constraints, securing a bright future for your family, and becoming your own boss. Khud Mukhtar, a powerful government initiative, makes this dream a reality for countless families!

Empowering Your Path:

  • Economic Independence: Gain the skills and resources to secure a stable income, build your own business, and achieve financial freedom.
  • Decent Employment: Access training and guidance for meaningful jobs, fulfilling your right to dignified work and contributing to Pakistan’s economy.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Align with the government’s priority of promoting entrepreneurship. Khud Mukhtar provides the perfect platform to launch your own venture and be your own boss.

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Who Can Join?

  • Married couples aged 18-29 with at least one child under 5, already benefiting from the Benazir Income Support Program.
  • Nominations done by housewives ensure direct support reaches intended families.

Turning Ideas into Success:

  • Get Rs. 72,000 in financial assistance and comprehensive business training.
  • Explore exciting ventures like starting an industrial home, car painting service, mobile repair shop, or even food stalls.
  • The program promotes diverse, sustainable income sources for long-term success.

Building a Strong Foundation:

  • Operational in 11 districts, Khud Mukhtar operates with transparency and accountability.
  • Door-to-door registration, local eligibility verification, and technical support from IRM and NRSP ensure resources reach the right hands.

Empowered Youth, Prosperous Pakistan:

Khud Mukhtar is more than just a program; it’s a commitment to building a brighter future for Pakistan’s youth. By nurturing entrepreneurship, unlocking earning potential, and supporting self-reliance, Khud Mukhtar paves the way for a thriving economy and a nation proud of its empowered citizens.

Take the first step towards your success story. Explore Khud Mukhtar today!

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