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Hajj Policy 2024 Yet to be Announced

Hajj Policy 2024 Yet to be Announced and is expected very soon. Sources disclosed that the Federal Cabinet had recently granted approval for the Hajj Policy 2024, introducing several notable changes.

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The highly anticipated release of the Hajj Policy for 2024 experienced an unexpected delay today when the Minister of Religious Affairs postponed the scheduled press conference.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs attributed the delay to ongoing discussions and efforts to reduce the cost of the Hajj package.

The new policy demonstrates increased inclusivity, taking into account public input, and aims to provide a more efficient and streamlined experience for pilgrims.

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One significant alteration is the introduction of a shorter Hajj package, spanning 20 to 25 days, offering increased flexibility for prospective pilgrims.

An intriguing development is the option for pilgrims to select a 4 to 8-day accommodation stay in Madinah. Pilgrims will also receive bags featuring the Pakistani flag, a QR code, and essential identification information.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs is set to launch a mobile app for online Hajj applications, modernizing the registration process.

Additionally, the sponsorship Hajj scheme for overseas Pakistanis will continue, and those who pay their Hajj expenses in dollars will be exempt from the lottery system. This adjustment is expected to simplify the process for overseas Pakistanis interested in performing the pilgrimage.

The economy package, a historically favored choice among pilgrims, will remain available, spanning 40 days and providing a cost-effective option for those embarking on the holy journey.

To accommodate a higher number of pilgrims, the official Hajj scheme is expected to enable over 90,000 individuals to perform Hajj in 2024.

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