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Yamaha YBR 125 Price to Cross Rs. 450000

Yamaha YBR 125 Price to Cross Rs. 450000 while raising concerns among its fans and dealers.
In a surprising move, Yamaha Pakistan has increased the price of the Yamaha YBR 125 by Rs. 17,000, bringing the new cost to Rs. 452,500 from the previous rate of Rs. 435,500.

This price adjustment, effective from November 16, 2023, comes as a shock to consumers, especially considering the recent trend of car prices decreasing due to PKR appreciation against the US dollar.

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It’s worth noting that this price hike only applies to the new YBR 125 model, while the prices for YBR 125 G (black) and YBR 125 DX remain unchanged.

This increase may surprise customers, as motorcycles are intended to cater to the middle-class segment of society.

The last price hike for Yamaha bikes occurred in September 2023, with the company not providing a specific reason for the adjustment.

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After the last revision, the Yamaha bike prices were as follows:

  1. Yamaha YB125Z (Red/Black) saw an increase of Rs. 15,500, reaching the new price of Rs. 396,000 compared to the previous price of Rs. 380,500.
  2. Yamaha YB125Z-DX (Red/Blue/Black) had its price increased from Rs. 408,500 to Rs. 423,500, a hike of Rs. 15,000.
  3. Yamaha YBR 125 (Red/Blue/Black) experienced a jump of Rs. 16,500, setting the new price at Rs. 435,500 against the previous Rs. 419,000.
  4. YBR125G (Red/Black) reached Rs. 453,000 compared to the previous price of Rs. 436,000, with a hike of Rs. 17,000.
  5. The revised price of Yamaha YBR125G (Matt Dark Gray/Matt Orange) stood at Rs. 456,000 against the old rate of Rs. 439,000 after a jump of Rs. 17,000.

Share your thoughts on the new Yamaha bike prices and whether the recent increase is justified in the comments section. Yamaha YBR 125 Price to Cross Rs. 450000 is not welcomed by the new buyers making the price ranger even farther.

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