You are currently viewing KIA Reduces Car Prices for Second Time Recently

KIA Reduces Car Prices for Second Time Recently

KIA Reduces Car Prices for Second Time Recently.

Notably, the Kia Sorento and Kia Carnival received significant price cuts, with reductions of over Rs. 2 million.

For instance, the Kia Carnival Executive is now priced at Rs. 16,000,000, down from its previous rate of Rs. 17,150,000.

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Last month, Kia Pakistan took an early initiative to lower car prices due to the local currency’s strength against the dollar. This was a relief for consumers facing high automobile expenses.

KIA Reduces Car Prices for Second Time Recently

In early November, Kia introduced a limited-time Year-End Celebration, offering reduced prices on selected vehicles, further benefiting consumers.

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Furthermore, the Kia FWD, originally priced at Rs11,290,000, has now been adjusted to Rs9,499,000, representing a significant reduction of approximately Rs1.7 million.

In addition to this, the Kia Sportage is currently available at Rs7,300,000, the Sportage FWD at Rs8,400,000, and the Black version of the Kia Sportage at Rs9,300,000.

These price adjustments create a more budget-friendly opportunity for consumers to acquire these vehicles, expanding accessibility and affordability.

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