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Syria Introduces e-visas to Flourish Tourism

Syria Introduces e-visas to Flourish Tourism.

Unveiling Syria’s Wonders: Simplified Travel with New e-Visa System

Calling all travel enthusiasts! Buckle up for exciting news! Syria has just launched a revolutionary e-visa system, making it easier than ever to explore this captivating nation.

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This initiative aims to revitalize tourism and unveil Syria’s hidden treasures to a wider audience.

Streamlined Application Process: Apply from Anywhere!

Gone are the days of lengthy embassy visits and complicated paperwork. Here’s what the new system offers:

  • Online Convenience: Foreigners can now apply for visas electronically. This user-friendly platform eliminates the need for in-person visits to Syrian embassies or consulates abroad.
  • Quick Turnaround: Applicants can expect a response on their visa application within a maximum of 72 hours, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.
  • Simplified Entry: The e-visa system streamlines entry procedures, allowing approved travelers a hassle-free arrival experience in Syria.

A Collaborative Effort for Tourism Growth:

The Syrian Ministry of Tourism, in collaboration with the Ministries of Interior and Foreign Affairs, spearheaded this initiative. This unified effort reflects a commitment to boosting tourism and showcasing Syria’s rich culture, heritage, and natural beauty.

Catering to Diverse Visitors:

The e-visa system caters to a wider range of travelers:

  • Individual Tourists: Foreign nationals can now conveniently apply for visas directly through the E-Visa website.
  • Visiting Friends and Relatives: Syrians residing abroad can now apply for visas on behalf of their loved ones from Arab and foreign countries. These applications can be submitted through designated offices linked to the Ministry of Tourism or via the Anjez Syria platform.

Flexible Payment Options:

The new system offers applicants two convenient payment options:

  • Electronic Payment: For those with access to online payment gateways, visa fees can be settled electronically during the application process.
  • Border Payment: Alternatively, applicants can choose to defer payment until they reach designated border points. In such cases, the full visa fee along with a service charge will be collected upon arrival.

Ambitious Tourism Goals:

The Syrian Ministry of Tourism has set ambitious goals for 2024, aiming for a total of 2.5 million entries into the country. This ambitious target emphasizes the potential of tourism to revitalize the Syrian economy. Notably, they anticipate 40% of these entries to be tourists eager to explore Syria’s captivating landscapes, historical sites, and vibrant culture.

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