You are currently viewing Punjab Enforced “Ab Gaon Chamkay Gy” Project

Punjab Enforced “Ab Gaon Chamkay Gy” Project

Punjab Enforced “Ab Gaon Chamkay Gy” Project.

Punjab Shines Brighter! “Ab Gaon Chamkay Gy” Lights Up Villages with Cleaner, Healthier Future

Punjab’s rural landscape gleams with renewed sanitation! The “Ab Gaon Chamkay Gy” project, launched in August 2023, has seen 11.6 million sanitation activities completed across 35 districts, impacting the lives of 21,535 villages.

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Here’s what’s sparkling:

  • Impressive numbers:
    • 10.45 million verified activities, ensuring quality control.
    • 7,703 sanitation staff employed, boosting local economies.
    • Rs. 159 million collected in sanitation fees, promoting sustainability.
  • Wide-ranging activities:
    • From waste collection and drain desilting to door-to-door service and manual sweeping, the project covers all sanitation needs.
  • Tech-powered transparency:
    • Real-time monitoring, geo-tagged data, and time-stamped pictures ensure accountability and effectiveness.
    • User-friendly dashboards provide readily available information for all stakeholders.
  • Sustainable impact:
    • Improved hygiene and cleanliness contribute to a healthier rural environment.
    • Empowering village committees fosters ownership and long-term success.

PITB Chairman, Faisal Yousaf, proudly states:

“Ab Gaon Chamkay Gy’s success proves our commitment to technology for rural development. Cleaner Punjab villages pave the way for a healthier, brighter future!”

This project showcases the power of technology and community collaboration in tackling sanitation challenges. By focusing on cleanliness, empowerment, and transparency, Ab Gaon Chamkay Gy sets a shining example for other initiatives!

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