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Cough Syrup from Peshawar Raises Health Alarm

Cough Syrup from Peshawar Raises Health Alarm.

Pakistan’s Drug Regulatory Authority (DRAP) sounded the alarm Thursday after spotting dangerous toxins in cough syrup ingredients.

The issue stemmed from a single batch of raw propylene glycol (C815N30R41) imported from Dow Chemical’s Thai branch.

Though the contamination was isolated, DRAP has ordered a recall of all cough syrup batches made with this material, prioritizing public safety. The recalled syrups won’t be allowed back on shelves until rigorous testing confirms their safety.

Dow Chemical is currently silent on the matter, but DRAP’s investigation continues.

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Cough syrup scare grips Pakistan as tainted ingredient linked to child deaths abroad.

This alert comes days after 300 children in Indonesia, Gambia, and Uzbekistan were linked to propylene glycol-containing cough syrups.

While a specific batch imported from Dow Chemical Thailand is confirmed to hold excessive, dangerous levels of ethylene glycol, the origin of contaminated syrups in Pakistan remains under investigation.

Ethylene glycol, a highly toxic substance, can harm the brain, heart, and kidneys. To protect public health, DRAP has ordered:

  • Immediate recall of all syrups made with the tainted batch of propylene glycol, regardless of local production or import.
  • Thorough testing of syrups produced with other Dow Chemical propylene glycol batches before returning them to shelves.
  • Investigation throughout the entire supply chain to trace the source of the contamination.

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This information is shared with pharmaceutical companies, and medical professionals, and is available on DRAP’s website. Any suspected syrup must be pulled from the market immediately.

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