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Siestas to Deal With Scorching Heat Weather

Germany: Siestas to deal with scorching heat weather: Doctors in Europe suggests. Europe, including Germany, is currently facing extreme heat waves. According to reports, 2023 is the hottest year on record since the record started in 1850. According to the World Meteorological Organization, the world has just gone through its hottest days on record. Doctors in Germany are suggesting siestas to deal with extreme temperatures fearing heart attacks and deaths. According to doctors, people are less productive when it is very hot.

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German Health Minister said that allowing workers to take a mid-day break, like in Spain and other European countries, is not a bad proposal. Siesta is a short early afternoon nap usually taken after a meal. Siesta is scientifically proven to be very helpful in being more productive.

The head of BVOeGD public health officer’s association said Germany is suggesting that more working part of the day should be shifted to early mornings. “Get up early, work productively in the morning, and take a siesta at midday,” he said in an interview published by the RND network. He stated, “People are not as productive as normal when it’s very hot. Bad sleep due to warm nights can lead to additional concentration problems.”

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Global warming and climate change are big challenges we are facing right now and should be dealt with accordingly. Cutting down forests and burning fossil fuels is the main reason for climate change. Carbon emissions should be controlled along with planting trees and saving forests.

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Climate scientist Friederike Otto of the Imperial College of London said. “Heat records will keep getting broken; people and ecosystems are already in many cases beyond what they are able to deal with.” If people really consider the advice of doctors could help in Siestas to Deal With Scorching Heat Weather.

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