You are currently viewing Saudi Arabia Reveals Residence Permits for Foreigners

Saudi Arabia Reveals Residence Permits for Foreigners

Saudi Arabia Reveals Residence Permits for Foreigners.

Your Saudi Dream Awaits! Five New Residence Permits Open Doors for Foreigners

Attention, globetrotters and go-getters! Saudi Arabia is rolling out the welcome mat with five new residence permits packed with perks for talented expats like you. Here’s the juicy scoop:

Live, Work, Invest: Say goodbye to foreigner fees and embrace visa-free travel around the world! Own property, launch businesses, and bring your family close.

These permits unlock a world of opportunity in the vibrant kingdom.

Five Pathways to Paradise: Tailor your journey with options for skilled professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, and real estate owners.

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Each track has its own set of requirements, but a one-time fee of 4,000 riyals and standard documents like passports and medical certificates get you started.

Special Talents Shine Brighter: Are you a medical ninja, a scientific wizard, or an executive dynamo? The special talent residency welcomes you with open arms (for five years!).

Just show off your skills with a minimum monthly salary of 35,000 riyals (doctors and scientists) or 14,000 riyals (researchers), or an executive contract exceeding 80,000 riyals.

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Unveiling the Saudi Residency Spectrum: Your Guide to Five Pathways to Paradise

Saudi Arabia’s new residence permits are more than just visas; they’re keys to unlocking a world of possibilities in the kingdom. Let’s delve into the five categories and discover the perfect fit for your aspirations:

Skilled Professionals:

  • Category 1: Showcase your talent! Nominated by the Ministry of Culture and Sports or meeting specific criteria, you’ll enjoy a five-year residency.
  • Category 2: Join hands with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development. Specific eligibility requirements pave the way for a five-year haven.


  • Permanent Residency: 7 million riyals, 10 jobs in two years, and an investment license are your gateways to a lasting Saudi chapter.
  • Entrepreneur Residency (Special Talent): Nominate two talented team members for special status while building your dream in Saudi Arabia.


  • Category 1: Five years of residency, 30 months in-country, and a recognized investment of 400,000 riyals with a 20% stake in your startup are your stepping stones.
  • Direct Permanent Residency: Create 20 jobs in two years, invest 1.5 crore riyals with a 10% share, and watch your entrepreneurial spirit soar.

Real Estate Owners:

  • Property Ownership/Usufruct: Hold onto real estate worth 4 million riyals, free from debt, and enjoy the benefits of residence.

Ready to make Saudi Arabia your new launchpad?

Dive into the details on the official Saudi government website. Share this news with your fellow adventurers and start planning your exciting Saudi chapter!

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