You are currently viewing Saudi Arabia to Reveal World’s First E-Sports District

Saudi Arabia to Reveal World’s First E-Sports District

Saudi Arabia to Reveal World’s First E-Sports District.

Saudi Arabia Levels Up: Qiddiya City Unveils the World’s First Immersive Gaming & Esports Destination

Game on, world! Saudi Arabia is making a bold move in the booming world of esports with the launch of Qiddiya City’s epic gaming and esports district.

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This first-of-its-kind project aims to catapult the Kingdom to the forefront of the industry, attracting gamers and esports enthusiasts from across the globe.

A Gamer’s Utopia:

  • Four state-of-the-art esports venues will host major events and captivate audiences with a total capacity of 73,000 seats.
  • One arena boasts the world’s largest indoor LED screen for an unparalleled viewing experience.
  • More than just tournaments: Qiddiya City caters to all levels of gaming fanatics, offering dedicated spaces for casual and competitive play.
  • Live, work, play: Gaming-themed apartments and hotels create a vibrant community where esports is a way of life.
  • Global hub: Up to 25 esports teams and 30 leading game developers will set up camp, making Qiddiya City a breeding ground for innovation and collaboration.

Beyond the GamePad:

  • Retail, dining, and entertainment options add another dimension to the experience, transforming Qiddiya City into a buzzing leisure destination.
  • Talent development programs and targeted investments align with the Kingdom’s National Strategy for Gaming and Esports, aiming to create a sustainable ecosystem for industry growth.

Game Changer for Saudi Arabia:

  • Qiddiya City’s ambition stretches beyond entertainment. It aims to attract 10 million visitors annually, boosting tourism and contributing to the Kingdom’s economic diversification plans.
  • By positioning Saudi Arabia as a global esports hub by 2030, Qiddiya City showcases the nation’s commitment to embracing new technologies and fostering a dynamic future.

Mark your calendars, grab your controllers, and get ready to experience the future of gaming and esports!

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Qiddiya City is shaping up to be a gamer’s paradise, a testament to Saudi Arabia’s audacious vision and its eagerness to join the digital revolution.

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