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Saudi Arabia Announces Stricter Visa Rules for Foreign Workers

Saudi Arabia Announces Stricter Visa Rules for Foreign Workers.

Saudi Arabia Ups the Ante: New Regulations Tighten Grip on Foreign Worker Visas

In a move that will significantly impact the recruitment landscape, Saudi Arabia has tightened its grip on foreign worker visas, introducing stricter regulations and eligibility criteria.

One major change raises the minimum age requirement for work visas to 24 years old, signaling a shift towards a more selective approach to recruiting foreign workers.

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The revised regulations also empower specific groups, such as Saudi citizens, Gulf nationals, foreign spouses of Saudi citizens along with their mothers, and holders of Saudi premium residency permits, to hire foreign domestic workers.

This provision applies to a broad range of domestic roles, including housekeepers, drivers, housemaids, cleaning staff, cooks, guards, farmers, tailors, nurses, tutors, and childcare providers.

These changes reflect Saudi Arabia’s intention to implement a more structured framework for foreign worker employment across various sectors. This is likely to have a substantial impact on recruitment practices, particularly in the domestic worker category.

For businesses and individuals navigating the dynamic landscape of international employment in the region, staying informed about evolving visa regulations becomes paramount.

By closely monitoring these changes, businesses can ensure they remain compliant with the latest regulations and individuals can make informed decisions about their employment opportunities in Saudi Arabia.

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