You are currently viewing Rs1.19 bn Released to Punjab Police for Elections 2024

Rs1.19 bn Released to Punjab Police for Elections 2024

Rs1.19 bn Released to Punjab Police for Elections 2024 security.

As Pakistan gears up for the crucial 2024 general elections on February 8th, ensuring robust security measures is paramount.

Punjab Police is set to receive a significant financial boost of Rs1.19 billion for its role in maintaining law and order during the electoral process.

The allocation breakdown includes over Rs533 million earmarked for petrol expenses, emphasizing the need for mobility and rapid response capabilities.

Moreover, Rs150 million has been designated for essential plant and machinery, further enhancing the operational capacity of law enforcement.

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Recognizing the importance of well-equipped personnel, Rs30 million has been allocated for stationary needs, ensuring seamless communication and documentation throughout the election period.

Additionally, Rs133 million has been set aside for food expenses on election day, ensuring that the police force remains adequately fueled and energized during this critical time.

The specific budget allocations for key cities like Lahore, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, and Rawalpindi underscore a strategic approach to address the unique security challenges in each region.

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This targeted financial distribution allows for a more efficient and tailored response to potential security threats, contributing to the overall effectiveness of the election security plan.

Meanwhile, Sindh Police has proactively communicated its election security arrangements to the election commission, outlining an expense plan exceeding Rs 625.4 million.

The proposal includes the deployment of 122,000 personnel, emphasizing the commitment to maintaining a secure environment for the electoral process in Sindh.

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Despite these preparations, a notable shortfall in personnel, with 105,000 available policemen against the required 122,000, highlights the challenges faced by law enforcement in meeting the recommended security standards.

As the nation eagerly anticipates the upcoming elections, comprehensive coverage of security measures will be crucial in ensuring the smooth and secure execution of this democratic process. Stay informed with our updates on election security arrangements.

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