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Rs. 40 Reduction in Petrol Price

Rs. 40 Reduction in Petrol Price. The government has implemented a substantial reduction, cutting the prices of petroleum products by Rs40. Consequently, the price of petrol, which previously stood at Rs323.38 per liter, has now been lowered to Rs283.38 per liter.

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Likewise, the price of high-speed diesel (HSD) might potentially witness a reduction of Rs15 per liter in the upcoming two weeks, resulting in a new cost of Rs 291.18 per liter.

It is crucial to emphasize that the ultimate decision will be determined by the interim government.

In a prior adjustment on October 1, petrol rates in Pakistan decreased by Rs8 per liter following a two-month surge, stabilizing at Rs323.38 per liter.

During the same timeframe, the cost of high-speed diesel (HSD) saw a decline of Rs11 per liter, bringing it down to Rs318.18 per liter, while kerosene oil prices were reduced by Rs7.53 per liter, reaching Rs237.28.

Rs. 40 Reduction in Petrol Price is expected to reduce the exploding inflation rates in Pakistan as well.

This potential reduction signifies a proactive approach by the government to address rising inflation and economic hardships faced by the public.

It also underlines the government’s commitment to ensuring that the impact of global economic fluctuations on local consumers is minimized, offering some financial relief and stability to the people of Pakistan.

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