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LPG Prices Decreased by Rs.10: OGRA Announced

LPG Prices Decreased by Rs.10: OGRA Announced. The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) made an announcement on Tuesday regarding a reduction in Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) prices for November. LPG price in Pakistan is Rs. 260.98 per kilogram in November 2023.

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As per an official notification, the price of LPG will decrease by Rs9.95 per kilogram, bringing it down to Rs260.98 per kilogram.

For consumers using LPG in domestic cylinders, there’s also good news as the price has been significantly reduced. The cost of a domestic cylinder has been reduced by Rs170.47.

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Ogra’s determination for November now prices an 11.8 kg cylinder at Rs2,962, which is a substantial decrease from the previous month when it was priced at Rs3,079.64.

This reduction is due to the LPG domestic cylinder being sold at a lower cost of Rs117.47 after a Rs10 per kg reduction. The new price for LPG per kilogram has been set at Rs251, resulting in the 11.8 kg cylinder now being priced at Rs2,962.17.

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These revised prices will take effect from November 1st.

In October, the cost of LNG per kilogram was Rs261, with the 11.8kg domestic cylinder being sold at Rs3,079.64.

This reduction in LPG prices for November comes as a welcome relief for consumers, especially those relying on LPG for their domestic needs. The decrease in prices will likely have a positive impact on household budgets and provide some financial respite.

It’s important to note that these changes will go into effect starting from November 1, potentially benefiting a wide range of consumers who depend on LPG for various purposes.

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