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Pakistan-Oman Held Joint Naval Drill ‘Thamar Al Tayyib 2023’

Pakistan-Oman Held Joint Naval Drill ‘Thamar Al Tayyib 2023’ enriching bilateral relations and cooperation in the defense sector.

Pakistan and Oman strengthen maritime ties in Gulf of Oman exercises

The Pakistani and Omani navies took to the waters of the Gulf of Oman for the 11th edition of the Thamar Al Tayyib bilateral exercise.

This year’s edition, held in December 2023, saw both navies showcase their capabilities and strengthen their cooperation in various maritime operations.

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Pakistan sent a powerful fleet:

  • Pakistan Navy Ship Aslat with an embarked helicopter.
  • Fast Attack Craft PNS Quwwat.
  • PN Maritime Patrol Aircraft.
  • Special Operations Forces.

Two-phase focus:

  • Planning and collaboration: The first phase involved tactical discussions and exercise planning, laying the groundwork for successful joint operations.
  • Putting skills to the test: The second phase saw the navies engage in a series of advanced exercises, including:
    • Anti-Air warfare: Defending against aerial threats.
    • Anti-Surface warfare: Battling enemy ships at sea.
    • Counter-terrorism: Combatting maritime threats and protecting vulnerable assets.

More than just drills:

The Thamar Al Tayyib exercise demonstrates the strong and longstanding partnership between Pakistan and Oman, contributing to maritime security and stability in the region.

The exercise didn’t stop at drills! Both navies conducted a joint patrol, keeping a watchful eye for illegal activities at sea. This valuable collaboration boosted understanding and sharpened their ability to work together seamlessly.

TAT-23 wasn’t just about showcasing power, it was about growth. Both sides learned from each other, perfecting their skills and improving communication across borders. Sharing their expertise on the open waters strengthened their ability to tackle any maritime challenge in unison.

With shared waters and a common goal of securing their region, Pakistan and Oman have developed a close maritime partnership. They work hand-in-hand to maintain order and stability at sea, evident in the regular conduct of Thamar Al Tayyib exercises.

These joint efforts go beyond training; they reflect the deep brotherly bond between Pakistan and Oman, especially between their respective navies. Each exercise strengthens their ties and solidifies their commitment to ensuring a safe and secure maritime environment.

Key changes:

  • Focus on cooperation and mutual learning.
  • Highlight skill development and interoperability.
  • Emphasize the shared maritime responsibility and regional partnership.
  • Reinforce the strong fraternal bond between both countries and navies.

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