You are currently viewing Revised Profit Rates Announced for National Savings Scheme

Revised Profit Rates Announced for National Savings Scheme

Revised Profit Rates Announced for National Savings Scheme.

Government Tweaks National Savings Rates: Balancing Growth and Stability

The Pakistani government is juggling financial stability and economic growth, as evidenced by its recent adjustments to profit rates across several national savings schemes. Let’s unpack the changes and what they mean for investors and savers.


  • Rates Down: Regular Income Certificates (-0.96%), Special Savings Certificates (-1.6%), and Short-Term Certificates (-0.92%) saw profit rate reductions.
  • Steady Rates: Defense Saving Certificates and Saving Accounts remain unaffected.
  • Balancing Act: The government aims to manage finances and promote economic growth with these adjustments.
  • Investor Awareness: Staying informed about these changes is crucial for making smart financial decisions.

Deeper Dive:

  • Regular Income Certificates: This key income-generating scheme now offers a 15.12% return, down from 16.08%.
  • Special Savings Certificates: Seeking higher returns? These certificates now offer 16.40%, compared to the previous 18%.
  • Short-Term Certificates: For those looking for quick financial options, the new rate is 20.80%, slightly lower than the previous 21.72%.
  • Behbood Savings, Pension Benefit Account, and Shuhada Family Welfare Account: These socially oriented schemes maintain their 16.08% rate.

Context and Implications:

  • This isn’t the first time the government has altered savings rates. In September 2023, they increased the return on Sarwa Islamic certificates, reflecting their commitment to diversifying investment options.
  • These adjustments highlight the dynamic nature of the financial sector, requiring both the government and individuals to adapt and make informed decisions based on changing economic conditions.


  • Be aware of profit rate changes across national savings schemes to choose the best option for your financial goals.
  • Consult with financial experts if needed to navigate the evolving landscape and make smart investment decisions.

By understanding the rationale behind these adjustments and staying informed about further developments, both investors and savers can navigate the dynamic financial scene in Pakistan effectively.

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