You are currently viewing Honda CD70 Motorcycle Prices in Pakistan

Honda CD70 Motorcycle Prices in Pakistan

Honda CD70 Motorcycle Prices in Pakistan.

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Ride Like a Legend: Conquer Pakistan’s Roads with the Iconic Honda CD70!

The CD70 isn’t just a motorcycle, it’s a symbol of freedom and adventure in Pakistan. It’s the bike that gets you there – to work, to explore, to experience life on two wheels.

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And guess what? It’s more affordable than ever!

Own the Legend for PKR 157,900!

What makes the CD70 the undisputed king of the road?

  • Thrilling Performance: 72cc engine for a punchy ride, smooth 4-speed transmission to effortlessly navigate any street.
  • Quick Kick Start: No battery fuss, just hop on and hit the road – instant freedom!
  • Confidence on Every Terrain: Sturdy frame keeps you balanced and in control, even on bumpier adventures.
  • Ride Easy, Go Far: Compact & comfortable, with ample ground clearance, the CD70 conquers city streets and open roads with ease.
  • Fuel Efficiency Champion: Go the distance on a single tank – more miles, less pit stops!

Ready to rule the road?

Visit your nearest Honda showroom and claim your legend today! Share your CD70 adventures with #RideLike a Legend!

Feel the Rubber Meet the Road:

The Honda CD70 doesn’t just look good, it grips like a champ. Chunky tires (2.25″ front, 2.50″ rear) give you the confidence to tackle any corner or pothole with rock-solid stability.

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Lightweight Legend:

Don’t let the name fool you. This 82 kg powerhouse is light enough to weave through traffic like a dream, making your daily commute effortless and fun. Weekend adventures? No sweat! The CD70 is ready to explore when you are.

The CD70: Your Gateway to Adventure:

For only PKR 157,900/=, you get more than just a motorcycle. You get performance, style, and efficiency, all wrapped up in a legendary package. Ditch the crowded buses, feel the wind in your hair, and conquer the roads with the Honda CD70.

It’s not just a ride, it’s an experience.

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