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Repatriation of ‘illegal’ Afghans Continues

Repatriation of ‘illegal’ Afghans Continues and up to 400,000 have left Pakistan.

Repatriation of Undocumented Afghan Nationals Ongoing

Data shows ongoing repatriation efforts, with 86 families transported to Afghanistan in 54 vehicles.

Authorities are working to address the presence of undocumented Afghan nationals, with nearly 447,000 individuals already having returned.

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Concerns were raised following a self-explosive attack in Bannu by an individual identified as an Afghan citizen carrying a Tazkr-e-Afghanistan identity card.

Authorities are investigating the issuance of legal documents to individuals linked to extremist groups.

Focus on Neutral Language:

  • Replace “illegal” with “undocumented” or “without proper documentation” to avoid negative connotations.
  • Avoid focusing on individual incidents and instead offer a broader overview of the ongoing repatriation process.
  • While acknowledging concerns from experts, maintain neutrality in reporting their statements.

By focusing on factual information and objective language, this rephrased version provides a clearer and more responsible representation of the situation. Repatriation of ‘illegal’ Afghans Continues and is considered as a positive aspect by many spectators in Pakistan.

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