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Prayer Times Karachi

Prayer Times Karachi are mentioned here for your timely prayers. It is recommended to inquire about the precise Prayer Timings from your local mosque.

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Nov 13, 2023 Today Karachi prayer times are:

  • Fajr Time 5:28 AM
  • Dhuhr Time 12:16 AM
  • Asr Time 4:09 PM
  • Maghrib Time 5:45 PM
  • Isha Time 7:04 PM

The prayer times are based on the Islamic Date of 28 Rabi Al-Akhar 1445. We recommend following the Namaz Time after consulting your nearest mosque. Don’t just rely on these timings.

Prayer Times Karachi

The next 30 Days Karachi Prayer Times are as follows:

Nov 135:28 AM6:46 AM12:16 PM4:09 PM5:45 PM7:04 PM
Nov 145:28 AM6:47 AM12:16 PM4:09 PM5:45 PM7:04 PM
Nov 155:29 AM6:48 AM12:16 PM4:09 PM5:45 PM7:03 PM
Nov 165:30 AM6:48 AM12:16 PM4:08 PM5:44 PM7:03 PM
Nov 175:30 AM6:49 AM12:17 PM4:08 PM5:44 PM7:03 PM
Nov 185:31 AM6:50 AM12:17 PM4:08 PM5:44 PM7:03 PM
Nov 195:31 AM6:51 AM12:17 PM4:08 PM5:43 PM7:03 PM
Nov 205:32 AM6:51 AM12:17 PM4:07 PM5:43 PM7:03 PM
Nov 215:32 AM6:52 AM12:18 PM4:07 PM5:43 PM7:02 PM
Nov 225:33 AM6:53 AM12:18 PM4:07 PM5:43 PM7:02 PM
Nov 235:34 AM6:53 AM12:18 PM4:07 PM5:43 PM7:02 PM
Nov 245:34 AM6:54 AM12:18 PM4:07 PM5:42 PM7:02 PM
Nov 255:35 AM6:55 AM12:19 PM4:06 PM5:42 PM7:02 PM
Nov 265:36 AM6:56 AM12:19 PM4:06 PM5:42 PM7:02 PM
Nov 275:36 AM6:56 AM12:19 PM4:06 PM5:42 PM7:02 PM
Nov 285:37 AM6:57 AM12:20 PM4:06 PM5:42 PM7:02 PM
Nov 295:37 AM6:58 AM12:20 PM4:06 PM5:42 PM7:02 PM
Nov 305:38 AM6:58 AM12:20 PM4:06 PM5:42 PM7:02 PM
Dec 015:39 AM6:59 AM12:21 PM4:06 PM5:42 PM7:03 PM
Dec 025:39 AM7:00 AM12:21 PM4:06 PM5:42 PM7:03 PM
Dec 035:40 AM7:01 AM12:21 PM4:06 PM5:42 PM7:03 PM
Dec 045:40 AM7:01 AM12:22 PM4:06 PM5:42 PM7:03 PM
Dec 055:41 AM7:02 AM12:22 PM4:06 PM5:42 PM7:03 PM
Dec 065:42 AM7:03 AM12:23 PM4:07 PM5:43 PM7:03 PM
Dec 075:42 AM7:03 AM12:23 PM4:07 PM5:43 PM7:04 PM
Dec 085:43 AM7:04 AM12:23 PM4:07 PM5:43 PM7:04 PM
Dec 095:44 AM7:05 AM12:24 PM4:07 PM5:43 PM7:04 PM
Dec 105:44 AM7:05 AM12:24 PM4:07 PM5:43 PM7:05 PM
Dec 115:45 AM7:06 AM12:25 PM4:08 PM5:44 PM7:05 PM

* All Timings are Beginning Times.

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We recommend asking your nearest mosque for the latest prayer timing in your local area.

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