You are currently viewing How to Write a Cheque in Pakistan: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Write a Cheque in Pakistan: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Write a Cheque in Pakistan: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Write a Cheque in Pakistan: Step-by-Step Guide.

Writing a cheque in Pakistan involves specific steps to ensure it is processed correctly and common mistakes are avoided.

This guide provides detailed instructions and highlights crucial don’ts for writing a cheque:

Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Cheque in Pakistan:

  1. Enter the Date:
    • Location: Top right corner.
    • Format: Day, month, and year (e.g., DD/MM/YY).
    • Tip: Ensure the date is current or postdated.
  2. Write the Payee’s Name:
    • Location: After “Pay” or “Pay to the Order of.”
    • Format: Full name of the person or entity.
    • Tip: Ensure the name is accurate.
  3. Fill in the Amount in Numbers:
    • Location: Box with the currency sign (₨).
    • Format: Clearly write the amount, including paise if applicable (e.g., 5,000.00 or 1,234.56).
    • Tip: Start close to the currency sign to prevent alterations.
  4. Write the Amount in Words:
    • Location: Below the payee’s name line.
    • Format: Amount in words, followed by “only” (e.g., “Five Thousand Rupees Only”).
    • Tip: Ensure the words match the numeric amount precisely.
  5. Add a Line for Additional Security:
    • Location: After the amount in words.
    • Tip: Draw a line to fill any remaining space to prevent unauthorized additions.
  6. Sign the Cheque:
    • Location: Bottom right corner.
    • Tip: Use the signature recorded with your bank.
  7. Write a Note in the Memo/For Line (Optional):
    • Location: Bottom left corner.
    • Purpose: Personal records or note the payment reason (e.g., “For Rent”).

Common Mistakes to Avoid:

  1. Incorrect Date:
    • Avoid: Writing the wrong date, backdating, or forgetting the date.
  2. Spelling Errors in Payee’s Name:
    • Avoid: Misspelling the payee’s name.
  3. Mismatched Amounts:
    • Avoid: Discrepancies between numeric and written amounts.
  4. Blank Fields:
    • Avoid: Leaving any fields blank.
  5. Using Pencil or Erasable Ink:
    • Avoid: Always use a permanent ink pen.
  6. Overwriting:
    • Avoid: Corrections or overwriting.
  7. Unsigned Cheque:
    • Avoid: Forgetting to sign the cheque.
  8. Overuse of ‘Bearer’ Cheques:
    • Avoid: Writing “or Bearer”; instead, strike off “or Bearer” for “A/C Payee Only”.


Writing a cheque correctly ensures smooth transactions. Follow the steps outlined above and avoid common mistakes to minimize the risk of rejection or misuse. Always double-check details before handing over a cheque.

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