You are currently viewing Passport Issuance Begins as Hajj Leaps Near

Passport Issuance Begins as Hajj Leaps Near

Passport Issuance Begins as Hajj Leaps Near.

Hajj Preparations Begin in Pakistan: Passport Issuance Kicks Off for Pilgrims

The journey to Hajj just got a step closer for aspiring pilgrims in Pakistan!

Passport issuance specifically for those selected for the government’s official Hajj package has officially begun, bringing a wave of relief and excitement to thousands across the nation.

Passport Processing Underway:

  • Regional passport offices opened their doors exclusively on Saturday, February 24th, 2024, to ensure a smooth and efficient application process.
  • This initiative focuses on applicants chosen for the official Hajj package offered by the government.

Next Steps: Biometric Verification and Submission:

  • As per the Ministry of Religious Affairs, applicants will undergo biometric verification as part of the process.
  • Following verification, passports must be submitted to designated banks by February 26th, 2024.

Package Options and Costs:

  • The government has introduced two main Hajj packages for pilgrims:
    • Short Hajj: This 20-25 day package caters to those seeking a shorter pilgrimage experience.
    • Long Hajj: This comprehensive 38-42 day journey includes an 8-day stay in Madinah.

Price Variations:

  • The cost of the Hajj package varies depending on the chosen package, region of departure, and sponsorship status.
  • Detailed cost breakdowns are available for both Long and Short Hajj packages under the regular and Sponsorship Scheme categories.

South vs. North Region:

  • Pilgrims flying from southern cities like Karachi and Sukkur will encounter slightly lower costs compared to those departing from northern cities.

Government Encourages Participation:

  • Acknowledging the impact of inflation, the government has sought support from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.
  • This collaboration aims to launch awareness campaigns, potentially encouraging more individuals to embark on this spiritual journey despite economic challenges.

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