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Pakistan Hajj 2024 Packages

Pakistan Hajj 2024 Packages. Find the one that suits your convenience and budget.

Hajj 2024: Pakistan Secures Top-Notch Facilities and Diverse Packages for Pilgrims!

Great news for Pakistani Muslims! The annual Hajj agreement is signed, guaranteeing quality facilities and flexible options for Pakistani pilgrims in 2024.

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Here’s what you need to know:

Top-Tier Experience:

  • Dedicated Area in Mina: Pakistan secured a cost-effective and dedicated area in Mina for its pilgrims, ensuring comfort and proximity to the holy sites.
  • Government Commitment: Both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are committed to providing excellent facilities and services for Pakistani pilgrims.

Diverse Packages for Everyone:

  • Long Hajj: 38-42 days with 8 days in Medina, priced from Rs 10,65,000 to Rs 10,75,000 depending on region (South: $3765, North: $3800).
  • Short Hajj: 20-25 days, priced from Rs 11,40,000 to Rs 11,50,000 for regular applicants (South: $4015, North: $4050), and even cheaper for Sponsorship Scheme participants.

Accessibility and inclusivity:

  • Extended Application Deadline: More opportunity for aspiring pilgrims with an extension to December 22nd.
  • Five-Year Eligibility Window: Those who performed Hajj in the past five years were allowed to apply, expanding the pool of potential pilgrims.
  • Sponsorship Scheme: Affordable options for those seeking financial assistance.

Overall, this marks a positive step towards a smooth and accessible Hajj experience for Pakistani pilgrims in 2024.

Diverse packages, dedicated facilities, and a focus on inclusivity aim to fulfill the desires of all aspiring hajis.

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