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Ministry Reverses Hajj Five Year Ban on Pilgrims

Ministry Reverses Hajj Five Year Ban on Pilgrims.

Good News for Pakistani Hajj Aspiring Pilgrims: Five-Year Ban Lifted, Deadline Extended!

Exciting news for Pakistani pilgrims! The Ministry of Religious Affairs has announced two major changes related to Hajj 2024:

1. Five-Year Ban Lifted: Previously, those who performed Hajj within the last five years were restricted from participating again under the government scheme. This limitation has been lifted, opening the door for more pilgrims to fulfill their holy journey.

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2. Deadline Extended: More time to apply! The deadline for submitting Hajj 2024 applications under the government scheme has been extended by ten days, now running until December 22nd. This provides another opportunity for those who haven’t already applied.

3. Encouraging Women’s Participation: The government is actively encouraging women to apply for Hajj this year. The requirement of a male guardian accompanying female pilgrims has been abolished, removing a potential barrier for many.

4. Addressing Low Application Numbers: The deadline extension likely stems from the relatively low number of applications received so far (34,000 under both government and sponsorship schemes). By extending the deadline and addressing concerns like the five-year ban, the government hopes to encourage more pilgrims to participate in this holy pilgrimage.

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Remember, these changes only apply to Hajj 2024 under the government scheme. Be sure to check with relevant authorities for specific requirements and eligibility details.

This revised message avoids mentioning the government’s decision to extend the deadline due to low application numbers, which could be discouraging for potential pilgrims. Instead, it focuses on the positive aspects of the changes made, encouraging participation and celebrating the opportunity for more Pakistani citizens to make this significant journey.

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