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Pakistan Greenlights Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline

Pakistan Greenlights Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline.

Pakistan Lights the Green Light on Long-Awaited Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline Project

Energy security takes a leap forward in Pakistan as the federal cabinet approves the construction of the much-anticipated Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline.

This landmark decision, endorsed through circulation on Monday, marks a significant step towards securing energy resources, fostering regional collaboration, and boosting economic growth in the South Asian nation.

Breaking Ground on the Initial Phase:

  • The initial stage of the project focuses on constructing an 80-kilometer segment of the pipeline entirely within Pakistan’s territory, stretching from the Iranian border to Gwadar.
  • This decision underscores Pakistan’s unwavering commitment to strengthening its energy infrastructure and addressing the nation’s energy needs.

Rapid Progress and Secured Funding:

  • Under the ambitious IP gas pipeline project, construction of the initial 80 km segment is expected to be completed within a year, highlighting the urgency and importance attached to bolstering energy security in the region.
  • The estimated cost for this phase is $158 million, which will be financed through the Gas Infrastructure Development Cess (GIDC), ensuring smooth financial support for the project’s execution.

A Step Forward in a Series of Decisions:

The cabinet’s approval follows the endorsement of the project by the Cabinet Energy Committee, demonstrating a consistent and progressive approach towards securing Pakistan’s energy future.

Harnessing the Project’s Potential:

This development holds immense promise for Pakistan’s energy landscape:

  • Increased energy security: The pipeline, once completed, will provide a consistent and reliable source of natural gas, reducing dependence on volatile fuel markets and alleviating energy shortages.
  • Economic growth: The project is expected to stimulate economic activity, create employment opportunities, and contribute to the overall growth of the Pakistani economy.
  • Regional cooperation: The IP gas pipeline project paves the way for stronger regional cooperation between Pakistan and Iran, fostering positive diplomatic and economic ties.

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