You are currently viewing SSGC Initiates Rs5.1 Billion Pipeline Project for Gas Supply

SSGC Initiates Rs5.1 Billion Pipeline Project for Gas Supply

SSGC Initiates Rs5.1 Billion Pipeline Project for Gas Supply.

SSGC Powers Up the West: Rs. 5.1 Billion Pipeline Project Boosts Gas Supply for Balochistan & Sindh

Karachi, Pakistan: Good news for residents and businesses in Balochistan and Sindh!

The Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) has taken a major step towards enhancing natural gas supply in the western region by initiating a critical 31-kilometer gas pipeline project.

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This ambitious venture, valued at Rs. 5.1 billion, promises improved efficiency, alleviated pressure concerns, and a much-needed boost to the region’s economic growth.

Key Highlights of the Project:

  • 24-inch diameter gas pipeline: Stretching from Sales Metre Station (SMS) Kathore to SMS Surjani, this pipeline will significantly increase gas transmission capacity.
  • Targeted completion date: June 2024, ensuring swift delivery of the project’s benefits.
  • Addressing low-pressure issues: The project tackles existing challenges in the 12-inch and 20-inch ACPL distribution lines, guaranteeing consistent and reliable gas supply.
  • Meeting rising demand: The pipeline caters to the growing natural gas needs of SITE Area and Hub Town, fueling industrial growth and development.
  • Operational efficiency boost: The project streamlines the SSGC distribution system, optimizing resources and reducing operational costs.

Beyond Infrastructure, Building a Brighter Future:

The SSGC initiative goes beyond mere infrastructure development. It promises a cascade of positive impacts:

  • Enhanced energy security: Reliable gas supply fosters a stable environment for businesses and residents, attracting investments and spurring economic activity.
  • Improved living standards: Consistent gas access translates to better quality of life for communities, enabling them to cook, heat homes, and power essential appliances.
  • Job creation: The project generates employment opportunities during construction and maintenance, contributing to local economic development.
  • Environmental benefits: Natural gas is a cleaner fuel compared to alternatives, offering environmental advantages in the long run.

A Collaborative Effort for Regional Progress:

The project inauguration ceremony saw the esteemed presence of Imran Maniar, Managing Director of SSGC, and other key figures. This collaboration between leadership, technical experts, and dedicated workers underscores the commitment to delivering this crucial infrastructure project.

Stay Tuned for Updates:

As the project progresses, stay informed about its development through official SSGC channels. Witnessing the successful completion of this initiative will mark a significant milestone in ensuring a brighter future for the western region of Pakistan.

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