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New Island Emerges after Undersea Volcano Erupts off Japan

New Island Emerges after Undersea Volcano Erupts off Japan in a recent development.

In a remarkable natural spectacle, an undersea volcano located just 1 kilometer off the southern coast of Iwo Jima, known as Ioto in Japan, burst into life on October 21, providing a captivating glimpse of the creation of a tiny new island.

While this event has enthralled onlookers, experts caution that the island’s existence may be short-lived.

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The Birth of a New Island:

Over a span of merely ten days, a remarkable transformation occurred. Volcanic ash and rocks steadily accumulated on the shallow seabed, with the tip of the volcano rising above the sea’s surface.

By early November, this extraordinary process resulted in the birth of a new island. The newfound landmass boasts a diameter of approximately 100 meters (328 feet) and reaches an elevation of up to 20 meters (66 feet) above sea level.

Yuji Usui, an analyst at the Japan Meteorological Agency’s volcanic division, revealed these intriguing details.

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Significant Natural Development:

While volcanic activity near Iwo Jima has witnessed occasional surges, the formation of a new island is a particularly significant occurrence. Notably, the volcanic activity at the site has now abated.

Despite its promising beginning, the freshly formed island has experienced some erosion due to its “crumbly” composition, susceptible to the relentless force of ocean waves.

Experts are meticulously analyzing the island’s composition, exploring whether it is constructed of durable materials like lava, which would extend its lifespan.

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The Global Context:

This rare phenomenon is not unique. Similar undersea eruptions have led to the emergence of new islands in different parts of the world in recent years.

For example, Nishinoshima in the Pacific Ocean south of Tokyo experienced a decade-long eruption in 2013, resulting in a new island. In 2013, a seismic event in Pakistan caused a small island to rise from the seabed.

Additionally, a submarine volcano off the coast of Tonga brought forth a new island during a month-long eruption in 2015.

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With around 1,500 active volcanoes worldwide, Japan, nestled within the Pacific’s “ring of fire,” is home to 111 of these volcanic giants.

The birth of this new island serves as a testament to the dynamic geological forces shaping our planet, offering a rare glimpse into Earth’s ever-evolving landscapes.

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