You are currently viewing Nepra Greenlights Rs1.25 per unit Increase in Power Tariff

Nepra Greenlights Rs1.25 per unit Increase in Power Tariff

Nepra Greenlights Rs1.25 per unit Increase in Power Tariff.

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) is on the verge of finalizing approval for an increase in power tariffs by Rs 1.25 per unit, affecting domestic consumers already facing financial stress.

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This decision, expected to be formally communicated to the federal government, could impose an additional cost of Rs 23 billion on consumers.

The decision stems from a NEPRA hearing addressing fuel adjustment in electricity prices, specifically focusing on the quarterly adjustment from July to September.

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While the detailed decision is pending official issuance, NEPRA officials have confirmed the endorsement of the Rs 1.25 per unit increase for electricity consumers nationwide.

During the hearing, NEPRA officials disclosed a total increase request exceeding Rs 22.56 billion, emphasizing a decrease in electricity purchases by Distribution Companies (DISCOs) in July, August, and September.

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Over this period, total electricity purchases declined by 9.5 percent, with DISCOs procuring 38 billion units instead of the anticipated 42 billion.

Despite the potential for a negative adjustment, NEPRA officials emphasized that the increase in electricity bills had already been reflected in consumers’ payments across all DISCOs.

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Concerns were raised about billing accuracy, with reports of 10 to 12 cases of over-billing identified in each DISCO.

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