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NADRA FRC Fee 2024

NADRA FRC Fee 2024.

Get Your Family Officially Recognized: New NADRA FRC Fees and Easy Application Guide (2024)

Need to prove your family ties in Pakistan? The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has updated the process and fees for acquiring a Family Registration Certificate (FRC), making it easier for you to get registered.

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What is an FRC?

It’s your official family photo album! Whether you’re applying for visas, enrolling children in schools, or simply need a handy document showcasing your family ties, an FRC comes in handy.

Types of FRCs:

  • By Birth: Show off your family tree, including parents and siblings.
  • By Marriage: Introduce your spouse and children (under 18). Older children have a simpler process.
  • By Adoption: Welcome your adopted child (under 21) onto your family document.

How to Apply:

1. NADRA Registration Center:

  • Walk into your nearest NADRA center.
  • Follow the steps: grab a token, fill out forms, get your picture taken.
  • Receive your printed FRC on the spot!

2. Pak Identity Website:

  • Apply online from the comfort of home.
  • Get your FRC delivered right to your doorstep.

New FRC by Marriage Fee (2024):

Good news! Obtaining an FRC by marriage is now Rs1,000!

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New NADRA FRC by Marriage Process Rocks (2024)

Planning a Pakistani wedding? Simplify your post-nuptial paperwork with the streamlined Family Registration Certificate (FRC) process by marriage!

NADRA has updated the system, making it hassle-free and affordable – especially for marital documentation.

No more paperwork headaches! Apply effortlessly at your nearest NADRA center or directly on the Pak Identity website. Both options let you skip the queues and get your FRC quickly and conveniently.

Here’s the sweet deal:

  • Updated FRC by Marriage Fee: Just Rs1,000 (as of January 2024)!
  • Two Easy Application Paths: Choose between a quick in-person visit or a comfy online application.
  • Seamless Processing: Get your official family document delivered right to your doorstep when applying online.


  • Only people registered with NADRA and possessing a 13-digit ID number can appear on the FRC.
  • NADRA is constantly evolving its processes to ensure accurate and comprehensive family documentation for all Pakistanis.

Ready to make your family official? Head over to the NADRA website or your nearest NRC with your marriage certificate and ID. It’s time to celebrate your union with a hassle-free FRC!

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