You are currently viewing Murad Ali Shah Launched Mass Recruitment in Sindh Police

Murad Ali Shah Launched Mass Recruitment in Sindh Police

Murad Ali Shah Launched Mass Recruitment in Sindh Police.

Sindh Takes Bold Steps to Strengthen Police Force, Enhance Public Safety

In a proactive move to address public safety concerns, Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah has announced a multi-pronged approach aimed at strengthening the provincial police force and improving law and order.

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These decisive actions highlight the government’s commitment to creating a safer and more secure environment for the people of Sindh.

Key Elements of the Initiative:

  1. Mass Recruitment Drive: Recognizing the need for an adequately staffed police force, CM Shah has directed Inspector General Riffat Mukhtar to fill a staggering 25,000 vacant positions within the department. This large-scale recruitment drive seeks to bolster the police force and enhance its capacity to effectively address public safety concerns. By prioritizing merit-based selection, the government aims to ensure that the newly recruited personnel possess the necessary skills and qualifications to contribute meaningfully to law enforcement efforts.
  2. Infrastructure Boost: The government’s commitment to improving police infrastructure is reflected in the allocation of Rs2 billion for the construction of 708 police stations. This investment aims to provide the police with modern, well-equipped facilities to facilitate their operations and support their efforts in maintaining law and order. CM Shah emphasized the importance of transparent spending of these funds to ensure that the project delivers optimal results.
  3. Focus on Law and Order: Understanding the significance of public safety, CM Shah expressed concerns about the prevailing law and order situation, particularly in riverine areas. He urged special attention to combating street crime, emphasizing a policy of zero tolerance for such offenses. This focus on addressing specific criminal activities signals the government’s dedication to tackling the most pressing public safety concerns.
  4. Collaboration Beyond Borders: Recognizing the interconnectedness of security challenges, CM Shah announced a collaboration between the Sindh, Punjab, and Balochistan governments to eliminate dacoits operating in Kutcha areas. This collaborative effort transcends provincial boundaries, demonstrating the commitment of different authorities to work together for the greater good.
  5. Tackling the Drug Menace: Acknowledging the detrimental impact of drug abuse, CM Shah called for coordinated efforts among the police, Rangers, and other relevant organizations to eradicate drugs from Sindh. This joint approach underscores the need for a comprehensive strategy that addresses all aspects of the drug problem, from prevention to rehabilitation.
  6. Enhancing Security in Karachi: Due to its unique challenges, Karachi receives specific attention within the broader plan. CM Shah directed authorities to double the number of police stations in the city from 12,000 to 24,000, aiming to combat rising crime rates. Additionally, he ordered the deployment of additional police personnel to street crime hotspots, reinforcing the message of zero tolerance.
  7. Traffic Management and Road Safety: Beyond crime, CM Shah acknowledged the need to improve traffic flow in Karachi. He directed authorities to implement necessary measures to address traffic congestion and ensure a smoother flow of traffic. Furthermore, a ban on flashlights in civilian vehicles, with exceptions for authorized personnel, is intended to enhance road safety and prevent potential misuse.
  8. Collaboration with Rangers: The meeting also included a briefing from the Director General of Rangers on their ongoing operations against terrorists and drug peddlers. The collaboration between Rangers and police is further strengthened by a joint initiative aimed at eradicating street crimes and dacoits from Kutcha areas.

Moving Forward:

CM Shah is expected to convene a follow-up meeting soon to further discuss strategies for eliminating street crimes and fortifying security measures. This ongoing initiative demonstrates the Sindh government’s proactive approach to public safety and its commitment to working collaboratively with various stakeholders to create a safer future for the people of Sindh.

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