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Israel Hit Hospital in Gaza: 300 Killed Instantly

Israel Hit Hospital in Gaza: 300 Killed Instantly. The reports also suggest that the death toll is expected to be 500-800, out of which mostly are women and children.

This number of high casualties is in addition to almost 3,000 killed and 12,500 injured since 7th October, 2023.

Three-day mourning has been declared consequently by the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Note: This news is still in development, and the final verdict is yet to be revealed by the media that who really was behind the attack. There are mixed reports on whether Israel was involved or not.

The rumors also suggest that probably, it was probably the Hamas or any other militant organization that caused the bombing of the Al Ahli Hospital.

One name of group called “Islamic Jihad” has been named for this attack, but allegedly, it has denied the attack just like Israel in the past hours. Reportedly, the Hamas has also denied the bombing of this hospital.

Adviser to Israeli Prime Minister, Mark Regev, stated, “My information, that I have just received from the highest authority… is that all indications are that this was not Israeli orders, that this was rather, a Hamas rocket that fell short.“.

On Tuesday, a school and a hospital in Gaza, serving as civilian shelters, were tragically hit by lethal Israeli airstrikes, intensifying humanitarian concerns due to the ongoing shortages of food, fuel, and electricity for the besieged population.

The Palestinian Health Ministry reported that hundreds of people are believed to have lost their lives in the attack on Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital, which was providing refuge to thousands of displaced individuals.

Tragically, many victims remain trapped under the rubble, according to the statement.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are investigating the hospital attack, with spokesperson Daniel Hagari noting that it remains unclear whether it was the result of an IDF strike or a failed Hamas launch.

For over a week, Gaza has been under an Israeli siege in response to a deadly incursion by Hamas, the Islamist militant group in control of the coastal enclave, where 2.2 million people reside.

Hospitals are grappling with the challenge of caring for the wounded throughout the territory while facing severe shortages of electricity and water.

Humanitarian aid crucially needed in Gaza is accumulating at the closed border, despite diplomatic efforts to establish a corridor from Egypt.

The United Nations and other officials have stressed the necessity for assurances of safe passage for potential aid convoys.

In response to mounting international pressure to address the crisis, US President Joe Biden is scheduled to embark on an extraordinary wartime visit to Israel on Wednesday, following intensive efforts by Secretary of State Antony Blinken throughout the Middle East.

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