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IHC Suspends Committee Formed for FBR’s Reforms

IHC Suspends Committee Formed for FBR’s Reforms in a recent development.

Islamabad High Court Halts FBR Restructuring Committee Amidst Election Commission Concerns

Key Points:

  • Islamabad High Court (IHC) suspends notification forming committee for FBR restructuring.
  • Suspension follows petition by FBR officer, citing Election Commission’s (ECP) objection to restructuring during caretaker government.
  • ECP previously barred Prime Minister from proceeding with FBR changes until new government formed.
  • Caretaker government had established eight-member committee tasked with implementing and overseeing FBR restructuring.
  • IHC seeks response from FBR and relevant departments before further action.

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has thrown a wrench into the planned restructuring of Pakistan’s Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), suspending the notification establishing a key implementation committee.

This decision comes amidst concerns raised by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) regarding the legality of such changes during the caretaker government’s tenure.

The suspension follows a petition filed by an FBR officer challenging the formation of the Implementation and Asset Distribution Committee (I&ADC).

The petitioner argued that the ECP had previously instructed the Prime Minister to hold off on FBR restructuring until the formation of a new government, citing potential violation of electoral neutrality.

Despite the ECP’s directive, the caretaker government had proceeded to establish the eight-member I&ADC, tasked with overseeing and implementing the FBR’s restructuring plan.

The committee, headed by the Finance Minister, included representatives from legal, human resources, and other relevant departments.

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However, the IHC’s decision casts a shadow over the committee’s legitimacy and raises questions about the future of the FBR restructuring process.

The court has issued notices to the FBR and other concerned parties, seeking their response before making a final determination.

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