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Wheat Flour Prices Soar in Hyderabad

Wheat Flour Prices Soar in Hyderabad up to Rs. 12.
In Hyderabad, the price of wheat flour has recently surged, reaching 10 to 12 rupees per kilogram.

This increase has also impacted the larger market, with a 10-kilogram sack witnessing a hike from 1350 to 1470 rupees.

The owners of flour mills shed light on the situation, attributing the price surge to an additional charge of 3000 rupees on a 100-kilogram sack of wheat.

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Consequently, the price of a 100-kilogram wheat sack has soared from 8500 to 11500 rupees.

The mill owners explained that the rise in wheat costs directly translates to the escalated price of one kilogram of flour, now ranging from 10 to 12 rupees.

Notably, in the open market, a sack of 100 kilograms of wheat is currently being traded at 12000 rupees.

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This shift in the wheat and flour market dynamics underscores the challenges faced by both consumers and industry stakeholders.

As the cost of wheat continues to play a significant role, it remains to be seen how this development will impact the broader economic landscape.

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