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Locals Lauds Sibi-Harnai Railway Restoration

Locals Lauds Sibi-Harnai Railway Restoration.

Trains Chug Back into Harnai, Bringing Hope and Prosperity!

Balochistan’s Harnai rejoices as the Sibi-Harnai railway line roars back to life after 17 years! Locals celebrate this “major step towards prosperity” that mends long-disrupted connections and breathes new life into the region.

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From Isolation to Integration:

  • Shattered by Terrorism: Closed in 2006 due to terrorist activity, the railway’s absence cut Harnai off from the world, crippling social, economic, and cultural life.
  • Long Journeys, High Costs: Traveling to Sibi meant traversing 6 districts, a costly and time-consuming ordeal.
  • Trade Bottlenecks: Harnai’s coal and agricultural bounty couldn’t reach markets, hindering economic growth.

Restoring Connections, Reviving Hope:

  • Pakistan Army and FC Balochistan, through crucial security operations, paved the way for the railway’s return.
  • Fast-Tracked Rehabilitation: Construction gained momentum in 2023, with dedicated efforts by engineers and security forces.

A New Dawn for Harnai:

  • Boosted Connectivity: The train reconnects Harnai to Sibi and beyond, facilitating travel, trade, and cultural exchange.
  • Economic Lifeline: Coal can now be transported efficiently, unlocking economic opportunities for Harnai.
  • Brighter Future: The revived railway symbolizes hope for a more prosperous and vibrant Harnai.

Join the Journey:

This is just the beginning! The Sibi-Harnai railway represents the resilience of people and the power of infrastructure in transforming lives.

Come, experience this revived connection, and witness Harnai’s journey toward a brighter future!

Residents celebrate the long-awaited return of Sabi-Harnai train: Prosperity, connection, and comfort on the track

After years of disruption, the Sabi-Harnai train chugged back into operation, sparking jubilation across the region. Locals see it as a symbol of renewed hope, a promising economic boom, restored connections, and convenient travel.

Boosting Trade and Economy:

  • Before the 2006 track destruction, vibrant trade flourished, with sugarcane, coal, and other commodities flowing freely. The train’s return rekindles this economic potential.
  • “This train will bring employment and prosperity,” exclaims a Harnai citizen, highlighting the anticipated economic uplift.

Restoring Broken Links:

  • Santosh Kumar, a Hindu community member, speaks for many when he says, “We lost our connection with Harnai in 2006. Now, the train bridges that gap.”
  • Malik Muzaffar Tareen, a Harnai transporter, echoes the sentiment: “Our people are overjoyed to have this vital link back.”

Comfort and Security Go Hand in Hand:

  • The train offers not just economic advantages but also comfortable and affordable travel.
  • Locals are grateful for the Pakistan Army and FC Balochistan (North) who ensure the train’s safe operation.
  • “We can move around with ease and peace of mind,” says Babar Kuch, a resident, underlining the train’s security guarantee.

The Sabi-Harnai train’s revival represents more than just transportation. It marks a step towards a brighter future for the region, one fueled by economic promise, strengthened connections, and a newfound sense of security.

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