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LESCO to Address Overbilling Issues

LESCO to Address Overbilling Issues offering hope for the power users.

LESCO CEO Convenes Meeting to Address Overbilling Concerns and Improve Service Delivery

In a recent meeting at Lesco Headquarters, Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) CEO Engineer Shahid Haider led discussions on tackling overbilling complaints and enhancing service delivery.

Key initiatives:

  • Addressing overbilling: Stringent measures to be implemented against individuals responsible for overbilling discrepancies.
  • Internal process improvement: Streamlining the promotion process for timely advancements and strengthening the maintenance department to minimize customer inconvenience.
  • Prioritizing safety: Enhanced awareness campaigns and preventative measures to address safety concerns and reduce accidents.

Emphasis on customer satisfaction: The meeting reaffirmed Lesco’s commitment to efficient service and customer satisfaction, focusing on resolving overbilling issues promptly and delivering a reliable electricity supply.

Committing to transparency and improved service, the meeting focused on implementing stricter measures against responsible individuals, streamlining internal processes, and prioritizing customer satisfaction. Efforts include enhancing promotion transparency, bolstering maintenance efficiency, and emphasizing employee safety. Residents of Lahore can expect ongoing updates and improved billing accuracy going forward.

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