You are currently viewing Rs 5bn Approved to Manage Medicine Shortage in KP

Rs 5bn Approved to Manage Medicine Shortage in KP

Rs 5bn Approved to Manage Medicine Shortage in KP.

KP’s Medicine Woes Soothed! Rs 5 Billion Lifts Shadow of Shortage!

Islamabad, Pakistan: A sigh of relief echoes across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as the province tackles its pressing medicine shortage head-on with a Rs 5 billion lifeline.

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This crucial injection of funds, secured despite tough economic conditions, signals a firm commitment to prioritizing public health.

Breaking Through Financial Barriers:

  • Recognizing the critical lack of essential medicines in hospitals, Health Advisor Dr. Riaz Anwar spearheaded a determined effort.
  • Overcoming budgetary constraints, Dr. Anwar secured the vital Rs 5 billion through Cabinet approval, a testament to the government’s unwavering dedication to public well-being.

Hope Restored, One Pill at a Time:

  • “This funding underscores our unwavering resolve to serve the people,” Dr. Anwar declared, emphasizing the focus on ensuring essential healthcare services.
  • The allocated funds will go directly towards replenishing medicine stocks and settling longstanding arrears owed to suppliers, breathing new life into hospital pharmacies.

A Step Towards Recovery:

  • While the initial requirement stood at Rs 9 billion, this Rs 5 billion boost represents a significant victory in the fight against medicine shortages.
  • It provides immediate relief to patients and healthcare providers, paving the way for a more sustainable solution in the future. #KPHealthHope 

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