You are currently viewing People Bus Service Buses Worth Millions Rusting at Karachi Port

People Bus Service Buses Worth Millions Rusting at Karachi Port

People Bus Service Buses Worth Millions Rusting at Karachi Port.

Millions Wasted as New Karachi Buses Gather Rust at Port: Frustration Mounts While Passengers Suffer

As Karachi residents struggle with soaring fuel costs, a stark sight adds insult to injury: 30 gleaming new buses, worth millions of dollars, languishing at the city’s port for a baffling three months.

These People Bus Service vehicles, imported from China with the promise of improved comfort, remain marooned due to what officials call “some formalities.”

Promises Ring Hollow:

Officials, including caretaker Information Minister Ahmed Shah, offer conflicting explanations.

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While Shah assures that formalities are “almost done,” sources within the National Radio & Telecommunication Corporation (NRTC), responsible for the bus service, reveal a string of unfulfilled weekly promises.

A senior official, expressing surprise at the unprecedented delay, underscores that importing and releasing buses has never taken so long in the past.

Frustration and Questions:

Amidst the confusion, frustration simmers. Karachiites grappling with high transportation costs yearn for the promised comfort and efficiency of the new buses. The unanswered questions hang heavy:

  • What exactly are these “formalities” that have taken three months to complete?
  • Why couldn’t these bureaucratic hurdles be addressed before importing the buses, incurring unnecessary costs and delays?
  • Who is accountable for this wasted time and resources, while Karachi’s transportation woes remain unaddressed?

Beyond Bureaucracy:

This saga transcends mere bureaucratic inefficiency. It reflects a failure to prioritize the needs of Karachi’s citizens and a disregard for public resources. With every passing day, the rusting buses stand as a testament to mismanagement and lost opportunities.

The hope now rests on swift action. Expediting the necessary procedures, holding those responsible accountable, and finally getting these buses onto Karachi’s roads should be the non-negotiable priority.

Only then can this story of bureaucratic bungling be transformed into one of providing much-needed relief and efficient public transportation for the city’s residents.

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