You are currently viewing NADRA Family Registration Certificate (FRC) Fees July

NADRA Family Registration Certificate (FRC) Fees July

NADRA Family Registration Certificate (FRC) Fees July

NADRA Family Registration Certificate (FRC) Fees July.

Family Registration Certificate (FRC) in Pakistan: Simplified Application Process by NADRA (July 2024 Update)

Great news for Pakistani citizens! The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has implemented a streamlined process to obtain your Family Registration Certificate (FRC).

This update, effective July 2024, makes acquiring this essential document significantly faster and more affordable.

What is a Family Registration Certificate (FRC)?

The FRC is an official document issued by NADRA that verifies an individual’s familial relationships.

It acts as a record of your immediate family members, including:

  • Parents and siblings (for applications by birth)
  • Spouse and children (for applications by marriage)
  • Guardian (for applications by adoption)

While primarily used for embassy applications and other non-legal purposes, the FRC plays a crucial role in expediting document verification for official processes.

Simplified Application Process and Standardized Fee

Previously, the FRC application process might have involved uncertainties regarding fees and turnaround times. NADRA’s recent update addresses these concerns by establishing a standardized fee of PKR 1000/- for all FRC applications. This fee is payable in cash directly at any NADRA counter nationwide.

Here’s what you can expect under the new system:

  • Clear and Consistent Fee: The PKR 1000/- fee eliminates confusion and ensures a transparent application process.
  • Faster Turnaround: Applicants can receive the FRC form immediately upon payment, significantly reducing waiting times.
  • Convenience: The cash payment option allows for a quicker and more accessible application process.

Who Can Apply for an FRC?

To be eligible for an FRC, you must be registered with NADRA and possess a valid 13-digit Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC). It’s important to note that the FRC will only reflect information for individuals already registered within NADRA’s database.

Types of FRC Applications

NADRA offers FRC applications for various family situations:

  • By Birth: This application includes details of your parents and siblings.
  • By Marriage: This application includes details of your spouse and children.
  • By Adoption: This application includes details of your legal guardian.

Benefits of the Streamlined Process

NADRA’s commitment to modernization through this update offers several advantages:

  • Enhanced Convenience: The standardized fee and immediate issuance at counters make obtaining an FRC a more effortless experience.
  • Streamlined Bureaucracy: This initiative simplifies document requirements for embassy applications and other official purposes.
  • Improved Accessibility: The update ensures easier access to this vital document for all Pakistani citizens.

Obtaining Your FRC

For further information and to initiate the application process, you can visit your nearest NADRA Citizen Facilitation Center (CFC) or access the official NADRA website

Stay Informed

By visiting your local NADRA center or the official website, you can stay updated on any further improvements or changes to the FRC application process.


NADRA’s recent update signifies a significant step towards simplifying administrative services in Pakistan. This initiative empowers citizens with easier access to essential documents like the FRC, ultimately contributing to a more efficient and streamlined bureaucratic system.

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