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Israel Intensifies Gaza Attacks: Communications Cut Off

Israel Intensifies Gaza Attacks: Communications Cut Off. Palestinians, humanitarian organizations, journalists, and civil society groups are deeply alarmed.

They’ve lost contact with their staff and families in Gaza due to Israel’s disruption of internet and communication services, effectively isolating the territory from the outside world.

On Friday, NetBlocks, a cybersecurity and internet monitoring organization, reported a significant loss of connectivity in the Gaza Strip.

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The Palestinian telecom provider, Paltel, confirmed that Israeli bombardment had caused a “complete disruption” of internet, cellular, and landline services.

The situation worsened as the Israel Defense Forces intensified their attacks in Gaza, with heavy bombardments reported.

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The 2.3 million people in Gaza, already grappling with power shortages and a lack of fuel for generators, found themselves further isolated from the global community.

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The communication blackout prevented the immediate assessment of casualties from airstrikes and ground incursions.

Palestinians outside of Gaza were unable to contact their relatives, exacerbating the distressing situation.

The Committee to Protect Journalists expressed deep concern about the world losing insight into the reality of the conflict and the risk of misinformation filling the information void.

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The loss of communication also posed a severe challenge to Gaza’s already fragile medical and aid system, impacting hospitals and aid operations.

UN humanitarian coordinator for Palestine, Lynn Hastings, stressed the importance of protecting civilians and the necessity of functioning communication for humanitarian efforts.

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International relief agencies and human rights organizations, including Unicef, ICRC, Médecins Sans Frontières, and Amnesty, reported a loss of contact with their staff in Gaza, heightening concerns about the impact on aid and medical assistance.

The situation in Gaza remains dire, with the communication blackout further isolating the territory and its people from the world, making it crucial to address the humanitarian and communication crisis effectively.

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The international community is urged to act swiftly to alleviate the suffering in Gaza.

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