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Interim Govt Proposes Shift to Seven-Day Petroleum Pricing

Interim Govt Proposes Shift to Seven-Day Petroleum Pricing.

The caretaker government is considering a shift in the pricing strategy for petroleum products, moving from a 15-day interval to a 7-day determination period.

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) is consulting with industry stakeholders, but the proposal faces resistance from the Petroleum Dealers Association.

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Concerns and Opposition:

Expressing concerns, the association argues that determining petroleum product prices every week could lead to shortages at petrol pumps.

They emphasize that such a frequent adjustment could result in pumps drying up, holding the government responsible for potential fuel shortages.

Notably, the dealers had suggested fixing prices for a longer duration, proposing a 30-day interval instead of the current 15-day period.

They highlight that the rapid changes in pricing contribute to shortages and disrupt the supply chain, particularly affecting pumps in remote areas.

With the changing scenarios in the global arena, Pakistan is also trying to adjust to these changes. But how it will impact the nation depends on the coming times.

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Association’s Response:

The Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association conveyed its stance on the matter through a reply letter to OGRA, emphasizing the potential challenges and market uncertainties that may arise from the proposed shift in the pricing mechanism.

Ongoing Discussions:

The ongoing discussions and consultations will play a crucial role in determining the future pricing strategy for petroleum products in the country.

Stay tuned for updates on this evolving situation. Interim govt proposes shift to seven-day petroleum pricing strategy is welcoming mix views from the public.

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