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PTA Changes Rules for Issuing Mobile SIMs

PTA changes rules for issuing mobile SIMs cards.

Crackdown on Fake SIMs in Pakistan: PTA Tightens the Grip

Fraud, beware! Pakistan’s telecommunication watchdog just took a bite out of illegal SIMs.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is clamping down on shady practices with new rules that will make getting your hands on multiple SIMs much harder.

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Here’s what you need to know:

No More Overnight SIM Duplicates:

  • Say goodbye to instant extras! Getting a second SIM for the same person now takes a 7-day cooldown period, replacing the previous 8-hour rush.
  • First SIM still comes fast: Need a single SIM? No worries, the initial activation remains swift at 8 hours.

Plugging Leaks in the System:

  • Fake thumbs out! Enhanced biometric verification will crack down on forged identities used to acquire multiple SIMs.
  • Retailer spotlight: Stricter checks on SIM vendors will make it harder for shady practices to slip through the cracks.

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Why it matters:

  • Curbing spam and scams: Fewer unregistered SIMs mean less annoying calls and fraudulent activity.
  • Boosting security: Enhanced verification strengthens the entire mobile network against crime and misuse.
  • Building trust: A cleaner telecom landscape fosters confidence and empowers responsible users.

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