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Independent Candidate Deadline to Join Party Ends Tonight

Independent Candidate Deadline to Join Party Ends Tonight.

As the countdown to midnight intensifies, the political sphere buzzes with anticipation, as independent candidates rush to finalize their political affiliations before the constitutional deadline.

This window, provided by the Election Commission of Pakistan post-notification, grants candidates three days to align themselves with a parliamentary party, failing which they will retain their independent status.

The Election Commission Facilitation Center stands prepared to assist candidates in this pivotal decision-making process until the stroke of midnight. Candidates must submit an affidavit along with a letter from their chosen party leader, affirming their allegiance. Concurrently, political parties are poised to present their candidate lists and corresponding affidavits to the Election Commission.

In a significant development, a considerable number of independent candidates have already pledged their loyalty to established political entities. Notably, 82 successful independent candidates from National Assembly constituencies have chosen to join the Sunni Ittehad Council. Moreover, nine triumphant independents from Sindh Assembly seats have also declared their allegiance to the Sunni Ittehad Council.

Constitutional experts emphasize the potential ramifications of such alliances, highlighting that even affiliating with a smaller parliamentary group can bolster numerical strength and secure reserve seats for women and non-Muslim representatives in the National Assembly.

The constitution of Pakistan assigns a pivotal role to independent candidates in the parliamentary process. Regardless of their party affiliation, they wield the power to influence the selection of the Prime Minister and the Leader of the House within the Lower House of Parliament.

With the deadline looming, the political landscape braces for potential realignments and strategic maneuvers, with independent candidates shaping the dynamics of parliamentary proceedings.

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