You are currently viewing Twitter ‘X’ restored in Pakistan after five days

Twitter ‘X’ restored in Pakistan after five days

Twitter ‘X’ restored in Pakistan after five days.

X Returns to Pakistan: Access Restored After Legal Challenge and Public Pressure

Islamabad, Pakistan: After a five-day outage that sparked widespread criticism and legal challenges, social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, has been restored in Pakistan.

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This development comes just hours after the Sindh High Court ordered the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to fully reinstate access.

A Saga of Disruptions:

The saga began on February 17th when X users in Pakistan experienced intermittent disruptions, followed by a complete blackout. While the service was briefly restored on February 20th, it was quickly blocked again. This triggered a wave of frustration and confusion among users, with many expressing concern about the impact on free expression and open communication.

Legal Intervention and Public Uproar:

Prominent journalists, including Zarar Khuhro and Amber Shamsi, challenged the ban in the Sindh High Court. Their lawyer argued that the interior minister had denied issuing any directives to block X, while the IT minister had emphasized promoting the IT sector. This contradiction and lack of transparency fueled public outrage against the outage.

Court Order Leads to Restoration:

Responding to the petition and mounting public pressure, the Sindh High Court ruled in favor of the petitioners, directing the PTA to immediately restore X access across the country. The PTA complied, and users were able to access the platform again shortly after the court’s decision.

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More Than Just an Outage:

This incident goes beyond a simple service disruption. It highlights the complexities surrounding internet access and freedom of expression in Pakistan. It raises questions about the transparency and accountability of government actions, and the delicate balance between national security concerns and individual rights.

Unanswered Questions and Ongoing Debates:

While the restoration of X is a positive step, several questions remain unanswered. The reasons behind the initial outage and subsequent disruptions are still unclear. The legal and ethical implications of such actions need further discussion. Additionally, concerns regarding potential filtering and content moderation within the platform remain.

Looking Forward:

The X saga in Pakistan serves as a reminder of the importance of open communication and transparent governance in the digital age. It underscores the need for clear regulations, judicial oversight, and ongoing dialogue between stakeholders to ensure responsible use of technology while safeguarding fundamental rights.

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