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ECP to decide Extension or no Extension in Polling Time

ECP to decide Extension or no Extension in Polling Time later.

Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) Member for Sindh, Nisar Durrani, took to the media to address the potential extension of polling hours for the upcoming elections.

Speaking outside a polling station, Durrani informed reporters that although postal ballots had been collected, a final decision on extending the polling time was yet to be made.

Expressing satisfaction with the ongoing voting process, Durrani emphasized his intention to personally visit various polling stations. He noted that the electoral proceedings had been conducted smoothly thus far, with no significant complaints reported.

Regarding the temporary suspension of mobile services, Durrani clarified that this decision rested with the local administration. However, he assured the public that this interruption would not hinder the ECP’s operations.

Earlier statements from ECP officials had also highlighted that the Election Management System (EMS) would remain functional despite any internet connectivity issues.

Durrani’s statements come amid heightened anticipation surrounding the electoral process and concerns regarding disruptions caused by the suspension of mobile services. The potential extension of polling hours has been a subject of debate, with stakeholders closely monitoring developments to ensure a fair and transparent election.

As the nation awaits further updates from the ECP regarding the extension of polling hours, citizens and political observers remain vigilant, underscoring the importance of a seamless voting process in upholding democratic principles.

Durrani’s proactive approach in addressing media queries reflects the ECP’s commitment to transparency and accountability in managing the electoral process. By providing timely updates and reassurances, the ECP aims to instill confidence among voters and stakeholders alike, ensuring the integrity of the electoral process.

With the elections underway and critical decisions on the horizon, the ECP remains at the forefront of efforts to facilitate a smooth and orderly voting experience for all eligible citizens. As the nation navigates through this crucial electoral period, the ECP’s role in upholding democratic values and principles remains paramount.

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