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IESCO to Ensure Uninterrupted Power Reserve

IESCO to Ensure Uninterrupted Power Reserve for Elections 2024 in Pakistan.

In anticipation of the upcoming Election Day scheduled for February 8, the Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) has proactively implemented a series of measures to guarantee uninterrupted power provision during this crucial period.

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Announced by an IESCO spokesperson on Wednesday, the company has taken significant steps to enhance its operational readiness.

One such measure includes the establishment of a centralized control room dedicated to monitoring electricity demand and supply across the region. This control room will serve as a nerve center for real-time monitoring and response coordination.

To bolster its operational capabilities, IESCO has directed its field officers and staff to remain on high alert round-the-clock, with all planned leave being cancelled to ensure maximum manpower availability.

Additionally, monitoring cells have been established across six operational circles, each equipped with the necessary tools and resources to facilitate seamless field operations.

In recognition of the heightened demand for electricity during the election period, IESCO has made the decision to suspend all scheduled shutdowns for system maintenance from February 7th to 9th.

This strategic move aims to minimize disruptions and uphold continuous power supply to consumers across the region throughout Election Day and its aftermath.

Furthermore, top-level executives including the Chief Executive and Chief Engineer Operations will be actively overseeing operations to ensure optimal management and swift response to any emerging issues.

Field formations are also maintaining constant communication with district administrations to promptly address any potential challenges or concerns that may arise.

Moreover, IESCO has fully activated its complaint helpline numbers, accessible at 118, to facilitate the swift resolution of any electricity-related grievances reported by consumers.

This proactive approach underscores IESCO’s commitment to providing efficient and reliable electricity services during this critical period of electoral activity.

With these comprehensive measures in place, IESCO is well-equipped to meet the heightened electricity demands and uphold its commitment to uninterrupted power supply, thereby ensuring a smooth electoral process for all stakeholders involved.

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