You are currently viewing ECP Requests Army Aid for General Elections

ECP Requests Army Aid for General Elections

ECP Requests Army Aid for General Elections.

Election Alarm Bells: Pakistan Scrambles for Security Forces as Polls Near

With just over two months until the February 8th general elections, Pakistan faces a major security hurdle: a shortage of 277,558 personnel to safeguard polling stations across the country. 🚨

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has sounded the alarm in a letter to the interior ministry secretary, highlighting critical gaps in security arrangements.

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Islamabad, the capital city, is a prime example, with a staggering shortfall of 4,500 personnel, leaving it dangerously exposed. 🤯

Here’s a breakdown of the police personnel deficit by province:

  • Punjab: 169,110 officers needed, but only 185,000 available. 😥
  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: Gap of 56,717 officers, with current strength at 92,360. 😓
  • Sindh: 33,462 officers needed, against a force of 150,000. 😕
  • Balochistan: Missing 13,769 officers, with just 18,150 currently deployed. 😩

The ECP has issued a strict deadline of December 4th for the interior ministry to present a concrete plan for addressing this critical personnel shortage. Time is ticking! ⏳

Meanwhile, concerns about funding delays have been quelled by Caretaker Information Minister Murtaza Solangi. He assured the nation that there’s no financial obstacle hindering the ECP’s preparations. 💰

He clarified that:

  • All budgeted funds of Rs42 billion will be promptly released based on the ECP’s needs. ✅
  • Rs10 billion have already been disbursed. 💸
  • The ECP has requested an additional Rs17.4 billion release, which is being processed. 💰

Solangi reiterated the government’s unwavering commitment to ensuring free and fair elections, as enshrined in Article 218(3) of the constitution. ⚖️

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The race is on! Can Pakistan bridge the security gap and ensure peaceful, credible elections in February? Only time will tell.

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