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Havelsan Full Flight Simulator

Havelsan Full Flight Simulator is indeed a huge achievement for the aviation industry. Credit goes to the Turkish technology and simulation company HAVELSAN.

The leading company proudly announced that they have achieved European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Level D certification (the highest level of qualification for a flight simulator) for its Boeing B737-8 MAX full flight simulator.

This simulator will help Turkish Airlines train their pilots with the best possible simulator and produce highly professional pilots.

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HAVELSAN has been producing flight simulators since 2017. This EASA Level D certification flight simulator is capable of providing a realistic environment and mimics the actual cockpit experience for undertraining pilots. The trainee pilots can practice landing takeoff in day, night, and bad weather visuals.

Havelsan Full Flight Simulator Technical Specification

The simulator provides the cockpit system/environment including the movements of the aircraft. The company is working towards obtaining EASA Level D certification for other aircraft like Airbus A320 CEO/NEO FFS soon. These steps will definitely take the Turkish aviation industry towards better.

Havelsan Full Flight Simulator 1

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There are many benefits of training pilots on flight simulators instead of real airplanes:

  • It saves a lot of cost
  • It produces less pollution
  • It is safe for crew and pilot
  • Pilots can replicate and practice emergency situations

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EASA Level D certification is a top certification for flight simulators.

Havelsan Full Flight Simulator 1

The most important benefit of flight simulators is that it is a completely safe option for under-training pilots as they can practice in a realistic environment, every kind of flight even turbulence in bad weather and emergency situations without risking their lives.

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HAVELSAN was founded in 1982 and 98% shares of the company are owned by the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation. The company is working in the fields of Defense and IT Sector such as:

  • C4ISR
  • Intelligence Systems
  • Naval Combat Systems
  • E-government Applications
  • Homeland Security Systems
  • Reconnaissance Surveillance
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Simulation and Training Systems
  • Management Information Systems

Havelsan Full Flight Simulator is indeed a big milestone for the aviation industry of Turkey.

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